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One Of a Kind Fiber Art Pieces

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~ About My Fiber Art ~

Friday, April 27, 2007
On this page you can purchase and view my original, needle and wet felted fiber art.
I will be updating it regularly as new pieces are created. Scroll down the page to see both available and sold pieces. If you see something you like that is sold, drop me an email as I sometimes can create a related, though still unique, piece.

Each piece is made with 100% washed and combed sheeps wool, obtained from small, humanely run family farms. All fiber used is hand dyed by my self, using natural plant dyes, unless otherwise noted. I spend a good deal of time and energy researching historic plant dyes, as well as hours of experimentation discovering new ones. Many of the plants I use are non native and gathered by myself as I travel, though some of the more exotic dyes are purchased from specilaty dye shops. The knowledge of natural dyeing is a lost art and I consider the process a large portion of the finished art piece.

I accept all credit cards through pay pal as well as personnel checks or money orders. If paying via check or money order just send me an email stateing that is how you wish to pay and what you would like, then I will send you a mailing address. Please note that the item will not be sent until check clears.

~ Pregnant Mama ~

This Waldorf style, needle felted doll is perfect for gentle play, the seasonal table or can be enjoyed simply as a piece of sculptural folk art. She stands 12" tall. Like all my pieces this one is made from pure organic sheeps wool and hand dyed using all natural plant dyes. In this case the plants used for dyeing were onion skins (orangey color), gathered from a local food market and Woad (light blue), gathered from a vacant lot while traveling through the deep south last summer. The yarn used for her skirt embellishment is handspun merino.She is available by special order for 35 $, shipping included, and can be created in the color scheme or your choice.

This piece is inspired by my current, personnel journey through pregnancy and childbirth....

Available by special Order for 32$, shipping included.

~ Needle Felted Elf ~

I am proud to present the newest needle felted piece to come from my studios. This is a rather large one, measuring 2' 8" from gnarly toes to hat tip. His body is made entirely of sheeps wool and hand sculpted over many days, with the help of a felting needle, around a wire armature. The wire armature allows him to be posed in a variety of ways. No patterns, my own or anyone else's are ever used in any of my fiber pieces, and all come directly from my own heart as I create them. The buttons on his trousers are deer antler ( naturaly shed ), that have been sliced, sanded and polished. His hat is made using traditional wet felting techniques. Like all my pieces, this one is made from locally purchased, pure organic sheeps wool, hand dyed by my self using all natural plant dyes. In this case the plants used for dyeing were onion skins, over dyed with indigo to create the gorgeous grass green of his trousers. His skin color is natural grey sheeps wool. His hair is also naturaly colored sheeps wool.

The inspiration for this piece, like most of my work, came from the natural world.......

SOLD...to a lovely lady in Texas

~ Gallery Of Past Work ~

The following are just a few of many many pieces....